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How we help our clients?

  • Provide complete audit trail of accounting details from transaction to invoice and customer
  • Report on revenues and expenses by any configurable account segment
  • Monitor accounts receivable and payable to gain visibility on outstanding debt and aging
  • Perform payroll runs, record results and print checks
  • Provide real time status information over the web
  • Track details of each email and phone call made to customers
  • Create service tickets and record work being performed on a specific serial number
  • Bill hours worked by each technician
  • Transfer product between warehouses
  • Checks stock availability and identify bin locationA
  • Take physical inventory counts
  • Create P.O.s automatically based on stock availability
  • View history of items purchased while negotiating with vendors
  • Check lowest price offered
  • Receive product into inventory against P.O.
  • Assign manufacturer’s serial number
  • Print barcode label
  • Create individual or batch pick tickets
  • Scan and validate merchandise via barcode as product leaves warehouse
  • Convert all picked orders into shipments and invoices through single click
  • Customer can begin RMA process through Web store
  • Assign returned inventory to specific bin for further inspection
  • Manage returns to vendors and track vendor Credits
  • Negotiate price based on profit analysis directly from sales order
  • Manage sales funnel for company and individuals
  • Track leads as they move through sales process
  • Create and maintain a professional Web store w/o programming knowledge
  • Process orders and automatically update back-end accounting system
  • Suggest cross-sell and up-sell opportunities per product
  • Secure online credit card transactions using security code and address authorization
  • Suggest accessory products using automatic prompts
  • Scan barcodes, adjust inventory count and print receipts
  • Process credit cards using real-time integration
  • Identify customers based on selection criteria
  • Export lists into Excel for email marketing
  • Measure success and revenue of marketing campaigns by source code
  • We develop strategic alliances with Information Technology providers and Accounting firms across the United States and South Korea.

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